Welcome – Simon Baggs, AFMEA, MEA Chair of the Board

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Welcome from Simon Baggs, AFMEA, Chair of the Board

The annual migration of the who’s who of the Business Events industry to the MEA Conference is not a natural phenomenon as seen in the natural world; it is a testament to an event that delivers unmatched conference content and a social program without equal.

The old adage ‘you are only as good as your last event’ holds true, and each year MEA delivers an extraordinary Conference – Hamilton Island last year was exceptional.

The 2016 MEA Conference in Melbourne has already set the bar high and is aiming to be the best Business Events conference of all time.

If you have not been before do join us – there will be highly topical, relevant take-outs for the legends of the industry through to the novices. It is time well spent, and money well spent.

The Business Events conference put on by the industry for the industry.

Be a part of it.

Simon Baggs
AFMEA, Chair of the Board